Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Way to go 2012...

Well, 2011 ended with a baby shower for a close friend of mine. She is expecting a baby boy by the end of February. I miss her tons too. Her hubby is in the Army and I hope to be able to go see her, maybe this spring or summer. It also ended with my mom having to have a biopsy on her breast. Of course, I've been freaking out all weekend, through the new year. Having to go through a holiday weekend with the doctors offices being closed, make for lots of worry when you are waiting on test results. She got her results back last night. It is indeed cancer. Not a cyst, not a calcium deposit... freaking cancer. I know cancer doesn't necessarily have to be hereditary, but I have absolutely no experience with this. Yes, I was freaking most of last night. She is going to the cancer doctor today to see what they can do. The OBGYN who ordered the mammogram thinks it is treatable and they can just go in and take it out. Lets pray. They thought it would be next week before she got to go to the cancer doctor but she managed to get in today, which I hope is a good thing. To me, Janauary 3, 2012, will be a day which will live in infamy in this family.
On to something better. On New Year's Day, Jerry taught the kids to play football. I even have a video of my little Quarter Back! Bella had no interesat in playing but Kaleb loved it. Typical boy. Of course, I have pix.

Daddy and Kaleb playing

 Bella only wanted to climb the steps,

Helping daddy take out the trash

and the video of my QB!

I'll update later when I find out more about my mom.

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