Thursday, January 5, 2012


Mom's visit with the oncologist went well, but she is still going to seek a second opinion just in case. This doctor said she had a 95% survival rate with the cancer she has. He said it was operable and she would have to go through like 6 weeks of radiation after the operation. After that she would be on a pill for 5 years. So good news, thank God. This doctor said he could start next week with her but she wants a 2nd opinion from a doctor one of our friends uses and he has beat cancer 4 times. I don't blame her. If it was me, I would want to make 100% sure that I was comfortable with my treatment. But if all goes as planned, she should be done with it by the end of February-mid March depending on how fast she can see the other doctor. She said she really like this one but he agreed with her, that it never hurts to check with someone else when it's dealing with something serious like cancer. So good news, finally. Thank you for any prayers thrown our way and please continue to pray.

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