Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not a moment too soon.

Have ya missed me? A week and a half with out TV, Internet and Phone and I'm still alive, barely. Don't ask me how I am blogging, that's my little secret. :) Kidding. We had another yard sale this past weekend as well, only this time it was at my in-laws house in the next city. They live on a main road and we ended up doing pretty well. If we had a WHOLE lot of crap, then it would pay more than unemployment! LOL. We have all been or is getting sick. Last Friday the kiddos were feeling cruddy and by Monday, Jerry was sick. Monday afternoon, the kids were still sick and worse so we took them to the DR and Bella has an ear infection and Kaleb was only a day or 2 behind so they put them both on antibiotics. Amoxicillian. That stuff tastes so good! Yesterday, Jerry and I was trying to find a way to get TV again. We finally found somewhere we could afford because yesterday morning he had an interview that went very well and they pretty much told him he had the job. They were gonna do a background check and call him back. After we searched out TV carriers, he left to run a few errand and while he was out, got a call from another place about a job and they paid better, Monday thru Friday 7-3 or 8-4 and wanted him to start TODAY! Yes, TODAY! So he went in an he seems to like it so far. 2 jobs in a day and one month with no call... it's so weird how things work out. We did go last week for Jerry to get taped for the Army and he was still a little over so he couldn't go. Maybe that was destiny because he was working so hard to make his measurements. I feel like I wanna sigh with the weight that has been lifted but there is the pressure of making the bills now that we are behind. It's a never ending cycle. I've been having a hard time this last week thinking about Christmas. I know people will understand if we cannot afford to get something but the good new about no income was they we were about to get a little more EBT money. I think for Christmas I am gonna bake goodies for every one and put them in a cute little tin. I think I will enjoy doing that and I will still be able to give something to the people I care about. I even have a list of everything I wanna make, I just have to print out the recipes and make a grocery list... a little closer to Christmas.
Of course I have more pix! My mom and I went to Wal-Mart this past Sunday and got the kiddos some tennis shoes. They are precious! So I have a couple of those and a couple for fun!


My Sharp Dressed Man!

We are a BAMA family here! ROLL TiDE!
(Bella normally doesn't wear bibs unless she is eating but she had a terrible runny nose and sometimes wiping with a bib is quicker than a tissue. Especially during a yard sale!)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

It happened.

So the last few entries, I've been hoping and praying that my next one would be good news. Well, it isn't. Jerry is still looking for a job. He had a few promising talks but so far nothing has come of any of it. He contacted the district manager of Hardee's last week and they are looking for GM's in a local store and some about an hour away. Either way, we wouldn't have to move. Those are good paying jobs too and he has restaurant management experience, but they are not GM experience so I don't know how it will turn out. He sent in his resume and I'm hoping for a call this week. We did talk to the recruiter, and it went surprisingly well. Of course he is supposed to make it 'feel' like it's a great decision but he really didn't sugar coat anything for me. Jerry would have signed the papers right then if he could have. The recruiter took his measurements and he has to loose 2-3 inches around his mid-section to enlist. He has been cutting calories and walking/jogging ever since. I love this motivation. I've even tried the dieting, not as strict as him, just cutting back but I have went along on the walks and jogs. Maybe I can get in shape too and at least, physically, I will feel better. But as the title say 'It happened'. I called and put all possible payments to anything on hold. I took the house off automatic draft because I knew it wouldn't be paid. We were able to defer one car payment so we will not have on this month. We got a small credit on our cell bill because of our situation AND we made a split decision last week to have a yard sale this weekend to pay our house payment BUT the home phone/cable/Internet bundle? We lost it. We got up early Friday morning for the yard sale (4 am early) and at around 4:30, I was on FB posting about the yard sale and all was well. About 7 am I was outside yard sale-in and I was trying to get on FB on my phone and my wireless wasn't connecting and I just thought I was too far away. Later the phone rang and it was answered and it was for Jerry. He was out at an interview so when I hung up I tried to call him from the house phone and it said it was disconnected. I can receive calls until like Oct. 15th but I cannot make them from my home phone. Jerry got home and I told him and he asked about the TV. I said I wasn't sure so he came inside to check. Sure enough, TV was off too. We tried to see if we could just get the TV hooked back up but we can't. We cannot even pay a portion of the bill. Other wireless services are saving my Internet right now, but mine is disconnected. We at least need the Internet so Jerry can still look for jobs online. As for the yard sale, we made just enough for the house payment. We are having one again this Saturday at my in laws. She lives on a main road in the next city so maybe we will do well. I hope so. We had lots of stuff left.
Ya know, I KNEW it was bad but actually having something cut off by the providers just seals it for me. Friday night I cried and cried. Not because we lost our cable and phone, we can live without those thing, but because it made this whole situation just all too real. I was still holding out hope but it never came. It just discourages everything. We worked so hard and it's just like it was for nothing. Jerry's answer is still the army. I think I am OK with that. He WANTS to do it and who am I to tell him he can't do something? But at the same time, I want my kids to be close to their grandparents. I want to still be close to home. If he wanted to do this back when it was just me and him, I would have rushed him to sign the papers. But now it isn't and Kaleb and Bella will suffer too if WE make this decision. I don't know what I want at this point. It's so hard to be positive when you have to at least figure out how to pay the house payment, car payment, car insurance, utilities, cell phone, gas, and groceries every month. That's the bare minimum. I'm just lost on what to do, so I guess I'll stop here and of course give you guys some pix.
A friend of mine posted on FB that she was giving away some Halloween costumes her kids had. I was 1st to comment! I need 2 of the 4 because I didn't know if my kids were gonna even get costumes this year because of all this. She brought them to me Saturday and my mother in law HAD to try them on while we were out having the yard sale! Enjoy.