Friday, December 30, 2011

Guess, who's back??

MEEEE!!! Finally got my internet hooked back up! I am so stoked! I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! We did! I got the only thing I wanted, A Kindle Fire, but I've had it since Christmas night and just got to play with it yesterday. The kids got A TON of stuff. The best was probably a kitchen. And, of course, I got Jerry what he wanted, a computer. Just a little 10 inch acer but that was what he wanted. All in all we had a wonderful Christmas.
Last Sunday (Dec. 18) was mine and Jerry's 7th wedding anniversary. I was simple with my request.... The Breaking Dawn soundtrack and the Breaking Dawn movie companion. I LOVE them. :) Jerry wanted an old Hitman game and I actually bought it for him back in October. So all smiles.
I do have a story to share though. We got engaged on December 23, 2003 and married on December 18, 2004. We were 18 and 19 when we married. We didn't have a lot of money so Jerry got me a simple diamond ring and we had simple matching gold wedding bands. Here's a pic.
Well, when we got married we said that for our 10 year anniversary, we would treat ourselves to new wedding sets. We would pick out what we want and get it. Of course, nothing over extravagant cause, well duh, we cannot afford a 10K diamond! LOL  About a month ago, I was flipping through a Kay Jewelers catalogue and found what I wanted. I showed it to him, pointed it out and even circled it in the book so he would know. A couple days after our anniversary, he surprised me! 3 years early!!!

I LOVE IT! Now, it will probably take me until our 10th anniversary to pay it off but oh well! They didn't have one in my size so I had to take it back and have it resized. I am so excited and cannot wait till I get it back and can wear it!
I'm done bragging now, guess it's time for pictures!

Hope your Holidays were wonderful!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pictures ORDERED!

Finally got enough money saved up to order the kids 12 month pictures! I spent a ton of money!
Here are the 2 I bought the rights too. Enjoy!

Oh and we used the family pic for our Christmas Card. Not pictured? Our Loki Kitty.

So I forgot...

Tomorrow (December 18th) is mine and Jerry's 7th wedding anniversary. I have so much to speak about this. Some good, some bad. Life has become so complicated around our household and I feel the need to vent but right now, I am sleepy and I will be woken up wayyyyyy too early here in a few hours for mom's surgery. So Goodnight.
I'll leave you with my beautiful boy. This pic makes me smile!

Gah I miss you, let's play catch up.

I've got so much catching up to do! Being without the internet sucks so bad. I should catch up a little tonight cause right now I am at the hospital with my mom. She is having gallbladder surgery in about 6 hours so I am staying at the hospital with her tonight. I left Jerry at home (over 2 hours away) with the kids. Maybe they won't kill him.
Let's start with Halloween. The week before we took the kiddos to the pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin. It was so much fun! We loved it! On Halloween, Jerry, Mom and I took the little Lion and little Bumble Bee to the church for Trunk or Treat. They had a pretty good time. After we took them to see Jerry's mom and dad. Not a huge Halloween. They were still little this year. Next year will be wild, I can tell.

Just for fun... My silly son showing off his abs and my sweet baby girl with her wild after bath hair!

Thanksgiving weekend was pretty good. We had a family get together like 3 out of the 4 days. Nothing major happened. It went pretty smoothly actually. So here are a few pix to document that.

This was the dreaded day of the 15 month checkup. Don't they look so darn cute? Well, they were HORRIBLE at the doctor! Screaming, Fighting, TEMPER TANTRUM. It was a wonder we made it through. God Bless us next doctor's appointment.

AND..... of course we saw Santa. They screamed when they got close to him. So after much sitting in the floor of Wal-Mart watching other kids see him, they got brave and walked over in front of him, but only with mommy and daddy by their side. So we have a family Santa pic!

I think I've brought you up to speed. I miss writing. I have tons more to cover but it's after 1 am and my mom will be having surgery soon so I need to try and get some rest. So ta ta for now, hope to talk to ya soon!